Lecture on Emotion Analysis in Text

Session Topic Slides with notes video
0 Welcome   video  
1 Introduction pdf pdf video
2 Emotion Theories pdf pdf video
3 Corpora pdf pdf video
4 Dictionaries pdf pdf video
5 Assign. 1 Disc.      
6 ML Categorization pdf pdf video
7 Appraisal-based 1 pdf pdf video
8 Appraisal-based 2 pdf pdf video
9 Assign. 2 Disc.      
10 Role Labeling pdf (sick, no live lecture) video
11 Assign. 3 Disc.      
12 Intensity/VAD pdf pdf video
13 Assign. 4 Disc.      

Note that these lectures were recorded in class and are not optimized to teach the content in an online setup. Further, note that lecture 10 was recorded during the pandemic as an online lecture and I share this instead of a live recording because I have been sick in this slot and was not able to give this lecture. Further, this lecture video does content-wise not ideally fit in, because it was originally planned to take place after lecture 12 (the slides are adapted to the change in plans, but not the video).

You need a password to access the videos. Please send a mail to me if you wish to access them, and clearly state in this mail that you won’t share the videos with anybody (and particularly not put online somewhere).

If you would like to use the TeX code to create your own lecture on emotion analysis, we are very happy to help. Please contact us via email.